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As a leading manufacturer of wire and cable, Pony understands the important role of networking cables in providing your critical communications links. Whether your are transporting voice, data, video, or any other combination, Pony has the cable you need. And when you select Pony, you’re assured of a cabling solution with the quality and performance that has consistently set the standards in the industry. PONY Cable delivers innovative value added services, an extensive range of cable products and cost effective Cabling solutions.


Some of our customers see the superior performance of our products in their industry leading standards, which include VDE, KEMA, OVE, UL, CSA, and HAR product approvals. Other point to the international specifications and standards, ranging from EN50117, RS-485 and IEC 332-3C to TIA/EIA, ISO.IEC 11801, and many more besides. Our products are often called ‘ future-proof’, meaning that the specification exceeds international requirements, with the aim of extending the product’s useful life and reducing the replacement rate.


Over the years, Pony has become an international by word for premium quality and reliability, any accolade for excellence earned through decades of dedication to meeting the highest industry standards. Reducing system cost and maintain are direct, long term benefits of the ultra long life expectancy of Pony products,its why our cables are used in some of the largest metropolitan communication networks in the world, like Amsterdam, Vienna and other European cities. And why many industrial installations with 24-hour continuous operation rely on the proven high quality of Pony Cables.


Pony commitment to innovation has historically fueled new growth for industry players. It has also earned Pony global innovation leadership that is constantly driven by the Pony Engineering Entrees.


Pony’s fitness for use philosophy goes beyond the familiar design for operability’ and’ customer-centric’ concepts and provides a strategic approach to customer support .Besides taking into consideration the hands on needs of the installers and users of our products, Pony’s dynamic approach addresses concerns that have traditionally been viewed as falling outside the scope of customer service and support.


Pony’s fitness for use approach embraces elements of early supplier involvement,co-maker ship and concurrent engineering.Yet it is more than that. At Pony, fitness for use puts all the customer’s interests first. It spans the development and production. And every step of the way, it focuses on the financial aspects of production, to incorporate cost-reducing measures for the hands on users of our products.Fitness for use provides our customers with the ideal products for their individual processes and applications. Custom e-made products or standards Pony Products with customized adjustments .Optimal products at reasonable cost. Products that have high value for the customer.

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